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Please Be On Time

Be mindful of the experience of others by arriving 10 minutes before your session and leaving only when the session has finished. Latecomers will not be allowed in the studio once the class has started.

Be Respectful

If you are aware you may snore when falling asleep, try sitting upright instead of laying down. Please keep your food & drinks outside the studio.

Speak Softly

Our studio is built as an escape from the noisy, hectic and busy pace of life. We encourage conversations outside the sessions, but please keep them gentle. Our Calmers will happily answer all your questions before or after the session.

Keep Your Eyes Up

To benefit wholly from the experience, we ask that you minimise phone usage and leave them switched off and on silent during your session.

Leave Your Baggage

We encourage coming to your session with no expectations and no items to weigh you down. Please leave your belongings (and shoes) in our changing area. You can safely lock any of your personal items in our lockers.