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Our regenerating class optimises and improves our mind-body connection through active breathwork meditation. Using techniques such as holotropic breathwork, conscious connected breathwork and pranayama breathwork.

It's more than just breathing - it's an experience.
Transformative classes with incredible teachers. We guide and support you through the practice to make it effortless, practical, and inspirational so you can feel your best quickly!

Breathwork sessions aim to connect us fully to the breath and play with our breathing patterns to facilitate change and improvement in all other areas of life. The most common benefits are relieving stress and anxiety, restoring sleep, and boosting creativity.

Re:Breathe - Transformative Breathwork (Conscious Connected Breathwork)

This regenerating class optimises and improves our mind-body connection through active breathwork meditation. This class involves a variety of holotropic breathing techniques that stimulate the nervous system. By activating the body and the nervous system, you train it to become more resilient and improve your day-to-day stress reactions, release any stuck and accumulated emotions and energy and create a deeper connection to yourself.

Controlled, voluntary hyperventilation is the main goal of holotropic breathwork. It leads to production of low levels of carbon dioxide in the blood, which can bring about transformative behavioural and physiological changes.

Good For:

bringing up and releasing pent-up emotions & increasing nervous system flexibility

You'll Leave Feeling:

calm after an emotional release; an energy boost improves productivity and resilience; light on your feet, and full of vitality.

Re:Breathe - Soothing Breathwork (Regulating Pranayama Breathing)

This is a restorative breathwork experience designed to soothe mental tension and relieve stress in the body. This grounding class focuses on softening the breath, bringing your awareness to the deeper layers within, using meditative Pranayama techniques. Slowing down and harmonising the breath creates energetic balance, mental clarity and a deeply embodied state of relaxation. This soothing breathing method is equally powerful, although much more subtle than activating breathing techniques.

Good For:

regulating yourself during a turbulent time and for regular stress management.

You'll Leave Feeling:

in a state of deep calm, inner peace and connection.

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