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Calm with Cheryl

Cheryl is an internationally renowned kundalini yoga teacher trainer and somatic experiencing therapist with the Peter Levine School. She works as an assistant provider on somatic trainings in London, Mexico and Brazil and as a somatic therapist, seeing clients on a one-to-one basis and curating kundalini and somatic retreats for healing, detoxing and spiritual growth.

She is passionate about the techniques she is designing made up of kundalini, reiki, somatic and breathwork to heal people’s traumas and deep seated childhood fears, so that they can live their potential through the transmutation of emotional wounding and subconscious shadow work.

In her sessions, Cheryl uses a unique blend of touch, resonance, therapeutical talk, presence, embodiment, music, breathwork, mantra, mudra, reiki healing and meditation to heal people’s psyches and hearts so that they leave more relaxed, connected to themselves, lighter and more in touch with their true essence of their potential and their life purpose.

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