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Calm with Almira

Almira is a Sound & Meditation Practitioner based in London. Her sessions are an invitation to rest and be, accompanied by the soothing tones of Himalayan Bowls, as well as other healing instruments.

She discovered the transformative power of mantra and spiritual music in her 20s at a time of deep spiritual growth after quitting a corporate job, selling her house and backpacking around Asia.

Music has always been a thread in her life - the daughter of a jazz musician, lover of her grandfather’s classical music as a child and spending a little too much of her youth in underground nightclubs.

Almira is deeply nourished by wellbeing rituals, gatherings and events and has hosted a few boutique retreats. She’s a forever student, attending many trainings over the years including Sound, Mantra, Meditation, Energy Work, Life Coaching and currently Yoga.

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