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04 October, 2018

Tips For Your Best Mental Health Day Ever

4 Minute
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4 Minute
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Tips For Your Best Mental Health Day Ever

04 October, 2018

Josie Ross, Eleven Healing: "Remember to ask for help and support if you need it. Being vulnerable is actually a sign of strength because you are being open and honest about how you are truly feeling. When you express how you feel to someone you trust it can help you to feel lighter instantly."

Jasmin Harsono, Emerald and Tiger: I am a mental health advocate, with ongoing experience of symptoms myself, family, friends and clients I know how debilitating it can be.

Jasmin's toolkit tips:
Getting out of bed, having a shower, brushing teeth and facing reality can be very difficult when our mood is low. I have been there many times. One of the things I like to use from my toolkit is the power of breath with visualisation. Close your eyes. Take deep slow breaths, through the nose, visualise inhaling this driving power in your mind and body. You are in control. (Tell yourself this ) As you exhale visualise yourself letting go of any stagnant energy. You are in control. ( again tell yourself this ) On the next inhale visualise yourself washed and dressed, maybe outside, even at work or at a favourite place. You are feeling good. ( feel it ) On the exhale visualise releasing dirt from the souls of your feet, letting go of the physical and emotional symptoms that are holding you back. You are in control. ( say it ) Finally, inhale, visualise yourself at the end of the day, filled with joy, ( sense it ) you made it through this day and it feels great. Exhale, open your eyes, rise up, stretch your arms up into the sky and feel your heart centre open, place your hands on your heart from a moment and take a deep breath and exhale. As you exhale move ( coming back to your flow of breath ), shower, get dressed and go about your day, knowing the end result will be filled with joy! You have felt it already.

Try this. You can change the visualisation description to suit your day.

Explore nature, our beautiful sun—vitamin D, the moon, stars and the sky, trees—full of oxygen, rooted deep in history and into Mother Earth, standing strong, stretching up to the Father sky, connected us deep with our hearts and all living things within nature are healing us outside and in. Spend time here. Sense it all. Find somewhere quiet time, walk, or be still. Breathe. Maybe have a notepad and journal feelings and thoughts.

Daily affirmation: ‘When the sun rises it is a brand new day. I take small steps and see changes everyday. I love how life unfolds. I am powerful, unique and beautiful in every way. I love myself. The Universe has got my back. I am supported.’

If you are finding it hard to share how you are feeling with your loved ones or you have no one that will listen, please go onto their website and seek out support. You can speak anonymously. Help is out there. My friends at Mental Movement Magazine have a support directory page on their website.

Try meditation. The Re:Mind space is wonderful. A haven in the heart of the City. I find peace as soon as I walk in. That feeling when you draw a huge sign of relief. ‘Ahhhhhhhhh’. If you are new to meditation, try some classes, the Re:Mind Studio team will guide you. There are many to choose from, you’ll find the class or classes that resonate with you. The teachers are compassionate, caring and will hold space for you to truly experience self care for your mind body and soul.

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