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27 August, 2022

Reiki Healing: Benefits And How It Works

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Remind Studio Reiki Healing

2 Minute
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Reiki Healing: Benefits And How It Works

27 August, 2022

How Reiki healing works

The Reiki practitioner or reiki master gently places their palms on or over a part of the body. They leave their palms in that position while an energy transfer occurs, which could take up to 10 minutes. Reiki practitioners don't perform the healing but serve as a channel through which the energy flows. During reiki healing, you may feel sensations like heat, pulsing or tingling in the body, and many fall asleep.

Benefits of Reiki healing

People who experienced reiki treatment have shared ways it has impacted their well-being and improved their health. Some of these benefits include:

Reduces symptoms

When you are injured or sick, energy gets blocked in the affected part of your body without flowing. This increases the intensity of the symptoms and slows the body's natural ability to heal. Reiki helps improve the energy flow and, by doing so, reduces symptoms and assists the healing process. Reiki treatment has been used to help treat cancer, heart diseases, insomnia, chronic pain, fatigue and other illnesses. While Reiki doesn't replace medically or traditionally recommended treatments, it supports it.

Improves emotional and mental well-being

Reiki healing improves mental and emotional well-being by alleviating stress, depression and anxiety. A study published in 2017 of patients undergoing knee replacement surgery found that the group that received reiki treatment experienced relief in pain. They also had a reduction in anxiety before and after surgery.

Relieves stress and improves sleep

People who received reiki treatment have shared that they felt an improvement in their mood and have been able to sleep better. Reiki helps release stress, and a reduction in stress helps let out the steam from accumulated stress, causing deep relaxation and improved sleep.

Enhances quality of life

Poor energy flow can hinder the body's natural healing abilities and slow the pace of achieving an ideal physical and mental well-being state. Reiki improves the energy flow, improving mood and supporting ongoing medical or traditional treatment.

Clearly, this generally improves the quality of life and puts the receiver in a better mental, physical and emotional state than they were before receiving reiki healing. Reiki healing has extensive benefits to health and well-being; everyone should experience it at least once in their lifetime.

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