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27 August, 2022

Breathwork - How It Can Improve Your Life

4 Minute
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Remind Studio Breathwork

4 Minute
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Breathwork - How It Can Improve Your Life

27 August, 2022

Here at Re:Mind, we aim to fully connect us to our breath and play with our breathing patterns to bring about a change and improvement in all other areas of our life.

The benefits of breathwork include:

  • Stress relief
  • Lessened anxiety
  • Reduced trauma
  • Boosted creativity
  • Improved focus
  • Improved sleep

There are many different types of breathwork to deal with your various issues, each with its own techniques and breathing patterns. Below, we'll go through three different types of breathwork.

Holotropic breathwork

Psychiatrists Stanislav (Stan) and Christina Grof developed Holotropic breathwork in 1974. This technique uses breathing patterns to bring you to an altered state of consciousness where your emotional, physical and spiritual pain can be addressed.

Holotropic breathwork is good for relaxation, stress relief, personal growth and self-awareness and consists of fast-paced breathing along with music with an uplifting, pulsing rhythm.

Rebirthing breathwork

Rebirthing breathwork was developed by Dr Leonard Orr in the 1970s after he relived his own birth while in the bath. This technique is based on the theory that our bodies hold on to the trauma of being born.

Rebirthing breathwork involves circular breathing that consists of quick, shallow breaths without any breaks between inhaling and exhaling. This technique is believed to heal trauma, such as birth trauma and trauma caused by religion and school.

Clarity breathwork

Ashanna Solaris and Dana Dharma Devi developed the Clarity breathwork technique, similar to the Rebirthing technique.

Clarity breathwork supports healing and transformation by clearing blocked emotions by controlling our breath.

Like Rebirthing breathwork, Clarity breathwork uses circular or continuous breaths, leaving participants with higher energy levels and an improved creative focus.

Transformative Breathwork (Conscious Connected Breathwork)

This regenerating class optimises and improves our mind-body connection through active breathwork meditation. This class involves various holotropic breathing techniques that stimulate the nervous system. By activating the body and the nervous system, you train it to become more resilient and improve your day-to-day stress reactions, release any stuck and accumulated emotions and energy and create a deeper connection to yourself.

Controlled, voluntary hyperventilation is the primary goal of holotropic breathwork. It produces low levels of carbon dioxide in the blood, which can bring about transformative behavioural and physiological changes.

Soothing Breathwork (Regulating Pranayama Breathing)

This is a restorative breathwork experience designed to soothe mental tension and relieve stress in the body. This grounding class focuses on softening the breath, bringing your awareness to the deeper layers within, using meditative Pranayama techniques. Slowing down and harmonising the breath creates energetic balance, mental clarity and a deeply embodied state of relaxation. This soothing breathing method is equally powerful, although much more subtle than activating breathing techniques.

Meet our Calmers

Our experienced calmers at Re:Mind are experts in breathwork, and you'll be in good hands as they guide you through your session.

Click on the link to learn more about our calmers and their specialities.

Cheryl - Cheryl uses breathwork to heal people's traumas and deep-seated childhood fears. She believes in living to the fullest potential through the transmutation of emotional wounding and subconscious shadow work.

Fini - Fini's passion is to help and empower others to improve their physical and mental health. She works hard to enable her "breathers" find more clarity, connection, peace and joy in their lives.

Rebecca - Rebecca creates soulful spaces for individuals and groups to share openly, explore curiously and transform profoundly.

Steph - Steph is passionate about teaching people how to get out of their heads and tune into their body's wisdom through the power of the breath and movement.

Book a breathwork session with us today

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we'll be delighted to answer any queries you may have.

Alternatively, if you're ready to give breathwork a go, book a breathwork session with us today.

We'd love to see you.

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