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21 April, 2022

2022 Mental Health Awareness Week (9-15 May) at Re:Mind Studio.

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2022 Mental Health Awareness Week (9-15 May) at Re:Mind Studio.

21 April, 2022

This year's Mental Health Awareness week theme is loneliness. During the week of 9th-14th of May, our classes will focus on loneliness, connection and community.

We want to offer everyone a lovely way to get into a meditation routine through our transformative sound, breathwork and energy healing classes. The studio creates many connections, and many lovely chats happen before and after class.

"Loneliness is a normal part of life, with most of us feeling lonely at some point and experiencing how it can gnaw away at our sense of self-worth and belonging." Mark Rowland, CEO of Mental Health Foundation.

Take 8 classes in May for £120 (£15 per class).

You can purchase your pack here and pre-book your classes for the whole month. Please note that this pack is only valid during May and can't be shared or extended.

We have a limited amount of packs available, so please purchase in advance to avoid disappointment.

We now offer 6 classes a day, which means you have 180 classes to choose from in May. See our schedule.

Bring a friend for free during mental health week.

If you can't commit to 8 classes. Please join us during the week of 9th May. During this whole week, you can get a free class for a friend.

You can only use these packs for class bookings during the mental health awareness week (9-15 May). Book here.

Once you purchase the special class you will receive a complimentary class on your account. You can use it to book yourself in twice and assign one of the spots to your guest.

As always let us know if you need any help with booking!

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