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The Calmest Place In London

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Our peaceful space is located in the heart of London. With a capacity of 12, we offer workshops in yoga, breathwork, meditation and tea ceremonies.

We set out to create a place for people to step inside and instantly feel better than they did outside. Our studio is full of plants and high levels of natural light to increase a sense of connection to nature, which not only makes you feel good, but also helps to improve your health through positively impacting your heart rate, blood pressure and sympathetic nervous system. Engaging with natural elements is known to aid our overall wellbeing and happiness.

The studio where sessions take place is also home to a floor to ceiling plant wall, which works to filter out harmful toxins in the air as well as lower levels of CO2 in the space. We keep this theme throughout the space with the addition of our very own purifying air and water filtration system and Himalayan rock salt lamps placed throughout.

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Sustainable, Ethical, Environmental

Rooted in respect for the planet and all humans inhabiting it, our studio was designed using reclaimed and natural materials. We have an air-purifying ventilation system to ensure you inhale the cleanest possible air; after all, we’re pretty into breathing at Re:Mind.

You won’t find a single-use plastic in sight, instead we have cups and glasses for you to enjoy complimentary herbal tea and filtered water.